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Special metal banding

Hempel Special Metals process and supply slit coil for metallic banding and clamping manufacturers, Our materials are designed to offer superior corrosion resistance, in subsea and downhole environments. Common materials used in this industry include alloy 625, Titanium, stainless and duplex steels all of which are kept on stock for quick dispatch. 
We recognise the importance of handling safety in this industry, and supply the materials deburred / safety edge dressed ready for use, in coil weights according to customer requirements. 
The materials are processed at our facility in the North of the UK, allowing us to have strict control over quality, meeting individual customer specifications and demands

Piotr Majak
Piotr Majak

Product Count

Coil (7)

Coil Coil 1.4307 - 304L
Coil Coil 1.4404 - 316L

Coil slit strip (2)

Coil slit strip Coil slit strip 1.4307 - 304L
Coil slit strip Coil slit strip 1.4410 - S32750