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Ti Gr 5 / 3.7165

Titanium Grade 5 is the most widely used titanium alloy. It is characterized by good hot formability and weldability. It is also resistant to salt water, marine atmosphere and a variety of corrosive media temperatures below 300 ° C. Grade 5 titanium alloy is most likely to be accepted by the human body (medical industry).

Material Data Sheet

Material Design action 3.7164/3.7165
Material Titanium Gr 5
Material Symbol R56400
Trademark Ti6Al4V

Main fields of application of Titanium Gr 5

Titanium Grade 5 is found as most used alloy in many areas again. Thus, for example in:

- Aerospace and Aircraft

- sports equipment

- Medical industry

- chemical Industry

Chemical composition of Titanium Gr 5

Ti Al V H
% % % max %
88.74-91.0 5.5-6.75 3.5-4.5 0.015

Characteristics of Titanium Gr 5

Temperature Range High temperature range/Material for wet corrosion
Density 4.43 g/cm³
Melting Range 1650°C
ISO-V notch impact toughness at -59°C across < J/cm²
  lengthwise < J/cm²
Ultimate Tensile Strength 135 KSI (950 MPa)
Yield Strength (0.2% offset) 125 KSI (880 MPa)
Elongation 15%
Hardness Rc 34

Filler metal (for welding with titanium Gr 5)

As filler for titanium grade 5 titanium bare wire of the same group can be used.

Delivery program

1mm Dia < 400mm Dia Wire , Rods and Bars

0.8mm < 101.6mm Thick Sheets, Plates & coils

Material Outlet by Hempel

ECONOXX.com offers buyers a new and uncomplicated procurement channel, which also includes small quantities and materials in special alloys at favourable conditions.

Product Count

Sheets & plates (1)

Sheets & plates Sheets & plates 3.7165 - Grade 5

Round bars (8)

Round bars Round bars 3.7165 - Grade 5

Ingots &#34;square&#34; (5)

Ingots &#34;square&#34; Ingots "square" 3.7165 - Grade 5

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