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Alloy 602CA / 2.4633

2.4633 is a high carbon chromium-iron-nickel alloy which also contains additives of microalloy elements titanium, zirconium and aluminum, and yttrium. Alloy 602CA is characterized by:

- excellent high temperature creep properties

- excellent fatigue resistance in the HCF and LCF mode

- extraordinary oxidation resistance at high temperatures and under cyclic conditions.

Material Data Sheet

Material Designation 2.4633
Alloy Alloy 602CA
EN Material Symbol NiCr25FeAIY
UNS N 06025
Trademark Nicrofer® 6025 HT
VdTÜV Data Sheet 540
Norm DIN EN 10302

Main fields of application of alloy 602CA

Alloy 602 is versatile. Typical applications of Alloy 602CA are, i.e.:

- Rotary kiln and shaft

- Furnace rollers / Oven Parts

- nozzles

- pipe supports

- Components in the exhaust gas purifying catalyst of automobiles

- Reformers in the chemical and petrochemical industry

- Hydrogen production

- Heater plugs

Chemical composition of alloy 602CA

C Si Mn P S Cr
≤ % ≤ % ≤ % ≤ % ≤ % %
0.15-0.25 0.5 0.5 0.02 0.01 24.0-26.0
Al Zr Ti Cu Fe Y Ni
% % % ≤ % ≤ % ≤ % %
1.8-2.4 0.01-0.1 0.1-0.2 0.1 8.11 0.05-0.12 Rest

Characteristics of alloy 602CA

Temperature Range High-Temperature Range
Density 7.9 g/cm³
ISO-V notch impact toughness lengthwise 69 J/cm² at room temperature
  across 56 J/cm² at room temperature

Filler metal (for welding with alloy 602CA)

Alloy 602CA can be welded using 2.4649 and DIN EN ISO 18274: S Ni 6025 as filler metal

Covered electrodes: DIN EN ISO 1412: E Ni 6025

UNS W86025

AWS A5.11: ENiCrFe-12

Delivery program

Sheets / Plates mm

2 - 20

Coils mm


Bars / Billets dia. mm

20 - 35 

With short delivery time:

plates or sheets, tubes, flanges, forged or die-cut rings and round blanks, elbows, T-fittings, reductions, screws, nuts or washers according to your request. According to your individual wishes, we are able to cut our material with our plasma- or water jet cutter. Our material is stocked in superformats of 2000x6000mm. Cut to size on request.

Material Outlet by Hempel

ECONOXX.com offers buyers a new and uncomplicated procurement channel, which also includes small quantities and materials in special alloys at favourable conditions.

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