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Alloy 600 / 2.4816/ Inconel 600

Alloy 600 is a nickel-chrome-iron alloy which is characterized by:

- Good mechanical properties at low, room and elevated temperatures

- very good resistance to stress-corrosion cracking , even at elevated temperatures

- very good resistance to high-temperature corrosion in dry chlorine and hydrogen chloride

- Good resistance to oxidation, carburization and nitriding

Material Data Sheet

Material Designation 2.4816
Alloy Alloy 600
EN Material Symbol NiCr15Fe
UNS N 06600
Trademark Nicrofer® 7216
ISO NiCr15Fe8
VdTÜV Data Sheet 305

Main fields of application of alloy 600

Alloy600 is versatile. Some Applications of Alloy 600 are:

- Furnace casing seals, fans and fittings - stable in furnace atmospheres

- vessels and heat exchanger tubes in the production of vinyl chloride

- components for the preparation of chlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbons

- Tubes for pyrolysis-dichloroethylene – resistant to carburization, chlorine, hydrogen chloride and oxidation

- Production of caustic alkalis, particularly with existence of sulfur compounds

. In nuclear reactors for parts such as ducts for control rods, reactor vessels and seals, steam dryers and separators in boiling water reactors

- Transport rollers, nozzles and other fittings in industrial furnaces

- Metamorphosis from uranium oxide to tetrafluoride by hydrofluoric acid – stable against hydrofluoric acid

- Thermocouple Protection Tubes – resistant to carburizing and nitriding atmosphere

Chemical composition of alloy 600

C Si Mn P S Cr
≤ % ≤ % ≤ % ≤ % ≤ % %
0.05-0.1 0.5 1.0 0.02 0.015 14.0-17.0
Al Ni Ti Cu Fe
% % % ≤ % ≤ %
0.3 72 0.3 0.5 6.0-10.0

Characteristics of alloy 600

Temperature Range Due to its higher creep rupture strength, Alloy 600 can also be used for temperatures above 700 ° C
Density 8,42 g/cm³
Melting Rage 1370°C – 1425°C
Elongation at break of Alloy 600 sheet at 20 ° C 30 %
ISO-V notch impact toughness at room temp. across ≥ 150 J/cm², lengthwise ≥ 200 J/cm²
Forgings across ≥ 120 J/cm²

Filler metal (for welding with alloy 600)

Alloy 600 can be welded using covered electrodes by all conventional processes such as TIG, MIG pulse technology, manual arc welding. For TIG and MIG welding an addition type 2.4806 and a coated electrode to the appropriate type 2.4648 should be used. Moreover 2.4620 serves as filler material for 2.4816.

Delivery program

Sheets / Plates mm

2 - 15

Coils mm


With short delivery time:

plates or sheets, tubes, flanges, forged or die-cut rings and round blanks, elbows, T-fittings, reductions, screws, nuts or washers according to your request. According to your individual wishes, we are able to cut our material with our plasma- or water jet cutter. Our material is stocked in superformats of 2000x6000mm. Cut to size on request.

Material Outlet by Hempel

ECONOXX.com offers buyers a new and uncomplicated procurement channel, which also includes small quantities and materials in special alloys at favourable conditions.

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